Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Episode 35: Letting Go

After all of my yammering about taking control of your knitting, I decide it's ok to let go a little sometimes.

I also talk, way way too fast, about my current sweater and the sweater I made a year ago.

The yarn I'm using is from Brooks Farm Yarn. The label says Macero Mas-Acero and it's gold heathered with black.

My two design "bibles" are Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top.

Today's rerun is Episode 26. The notes for that show are here.

Download Episode 35.


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying getting to know you and your knitting style through your podcasts. I'm new and found you due to mention on recent Stash & Burn podcast. Thanks for replaying older episodes no longer on I-tunes. You've motivated me to try something in the knitted jewelry category.
Jen A.

LoriAngela said...

I love Barbara Walker. Have you read her books, like Crone? Very good knitting feminism.