Monday, February 11, 2008

Episode 32 and rerun: Episode 23

Download Episode 32

Many, many files seem to be missing from iTunes. Specifially, shows 23 through 30. So, for the next eight shows, I'm going to do a new show and then add the old show onto it. That way, those of you who have already heard it can move on and the others can hear a blast from the past.

The notes for show 23 are here.

In today's show, I use a hat resizing as an example of the Height in Measurements part of my WIP HIM resizing concept. In this case, you change the gauge used in a pattern, but keep in mind that you want to keep control over the depth of the hat, while using the larger yarn and/or needles to make your hat wider to fit.

Here is the math I did today on the show:

original gauge of hat: 6 sts/in
original size of hat: 15 inches (newborn)
original row gauge of hat: 8.5 rows/inch
original depth of hat before shaping: 51 rows => 51 rows/8.5 rows/inch = 6 inches

new size of hat: 18 inches
=> 15 inches * 6 sts/in = 90 sts
90 sts/18 inches = 5 sts/inch = new gauge
row gauge for that yarn = 7 rows/inch

If you knit the hat as directed, in the new gauge, you will have a hat that is the proper width. But, how deep will it be?

51 rows/7 rows/inch = 7.28 inches

If that seems good to you, go ahead. Otherwise, use the hat pattern to determine your cast-on number and shaping (all width components) and use measurements to determine depth, or height.

Somehow, to me, Stitches in Percentages, Depth in Measurements, just doesn't have the same ring to it as Width in Percentages, Height in Measurements. Am I wrong?

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