Thursday, June 14, 2007

Computer Fixed, but still no podcast

Let it be a lesson - back up thy hard drive!

The computer is resurrected. It may still be a bit before my next show.


Sasha said...

I meeees youuu! hehe Good luck fixing the stinky troublesome computer Lara! Look forward to your next podcast - THanks for all your hard work! =)

QueSarah said...
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QueSarah said...

Going.Through.Withdrawl. =)
Sorry about your computer - can't wait for your next podcast!!

Peta said...

i hope that you are going ok and you were able to fix your computer i really like listering to your podcast.. sadly some of them dont seem to download.i get maybe 10 mins and it stops mid senctence..
i dont know its probally something im doing wrong..

Big crafty Hugs
keep up the good work:D

Anonymous said...

I was looking at . . . I closed the page. I wanted to tell you that you give your blog address as
httpwww and not http://www . It took me a couple of minutes to figure out why I couldn't get to yor blog. :) I DID find it :)
and I like it.


Emma said...

Hi Lara -

I, too, am looking forward to your next podcast! I listen all the time - and I think you have such a lovely, soothing speaking voice! Truly!

Good luck with the computer bugs!! Eagerly awaiting more podcasting.... :)