Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hello Everyone

I'm still not all of the way better. For the record, this is the sickest I've ever been, except for mono in HS and chicken pox when I was a kid. And, by far, the grossest illness I've ever had. If you're reading the comments, you'll notice that Plain(s)Feminist lives about 200 feet away from my house and is a very good friend. She dropped off my Christmas present, although I couldn't give her hers for fear of spreading this thing, so it will sit in my gift closet for another ten days or so until I see her again.

I'm flying away to see my family on Friday, so there won't be any podcast this week or next week. See you in the new year!

Meanwhile, my extra-cool Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon came, much faster than I thought. It's beautiful. I was going to do the sideways baby sweater from Greetings from Knit Cafe, but now I'm thinking an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise and maybe some baby leggings if I have enough left over. This is great because I really needed some plane knitting and knitting I could do around my sister without ruining her birthday surprise. I've been feeling too sick to knit (ok, I am just tired of putting it down every 15 minutes and sprinting across the house), but maybe I'm just too sick to knit lace or finish in ends. I really should finish the ends, though, on the last piece of Christmas knitting I'm doing this year. You heard me. I'm DONE. Even nearly a week of incapacity couldn't stop me.
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