Saturday, March 01, 2008

Episode 33: All Praise the Gauge Swatch

This week, I ramble about gauge swatches, yarn, and my cats.

I also play a promo for a new, prolific podcaster. Do I mention her just because she mentions me and Elizabeth Zimmermann in the same breath? Perish the thought!

And, a rerun of episode 24.

The original notes for that show are here.

The book I am talking about is Favorite Mittens.

I also just started a group on Ravelry for people who listen to the show. So, come visit if you want to send along show ideas, questions or stash-busting tips.

Download Episode 33.


Anonymous said...

Lara! So glad you're back!! I continue to enjoy your show!!

-Emma (26-year-old Boston knitter)

Orange Blossom Knits said...

So glad you're back!

I'm an actuary who knits and crochets, so you can bet I appreciate your show.

You said you were interested in regional podcasts, well, I have one for you. My friend Jodi and I make Orange Blossom Knits, a podcast for warm weather knitters. We're just starting out, but we hope to have a full real episode out soon.

MomWhoFan said...

Yay! Welcome back!

Just wondered if you've heard/seen this new book called "Making Mathematics with Needleworks" by Belcastro and Yackel?